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CovertEngine™ was designed, programmed and developed by myself (Gerhard Botha) and I can be contacted at:

Please visit Quandary Solutions Ltd for commercial usage overview of CovertEngine™.

Short summary of some highlights of the engine’s features and capabilities,

  • DirectX 9/10/11/12 and OpenGL 4.5 compatible
  • Full support for MonoGame, so those XNA developers who loved to program their own games instead of drag and dropping will appreciate it.
  • Cross-platform
  • Steamworks Integration
  • Networking (Lidgren and Steam)
  • Integrated Bullet Physics
  • Integrated MonoDevelop support (code without the need for external IDE)
  • Full Content Pipeline
  • All shader stages supported (vertex, pixel, hull, domain etc.)
  • Custom Shader Editor
  • Materials Editor
  • Object Editor
  • Prefab Editor
  • Particles Editor
  • Deferred shading (with multilayer transparency)
  • Forward shading
  • Dynamic occlusion culling
  • Workspace/Project/Content editor
  • Level builder/editor
  • Point, Directional, Spot, Glow and Capsule lights
  • Cascaded shadow maps
  • Realtime screen-space and cubic reflections
  • Mesh tessellation support
  • Tessellated terrain, roads, water and river editor
  • Cuda / OpenCL support
  • Comprehensive plugin architecture to add extensions, custom creation tools and much much more

The list goes on and on but by now you get the idea, so I will stop here!